During the morning 2.5 hour live keynote sessions we are delighted to welcome Eva Chen, Trend Micro Co-Founder & CEO and Gartner’s Neil MacDonald, VP & Distinguished Analyst, to the virtual stage.

Throughout this event you will also hear from your peers as they share real-life case studies and their Perspectives on cybersecurity challenges and successes in their industries.


Our Vision for a
Cybersecurity Platform


Eva Chen

Join Eva Chen, Trend Micro co-founder and CEO, in this session to hear about Trend Micro’s vision and strategy, including the latest on our approach to delivering better for helping organizations with digital transformation.

A Gartner Perspective:

Strategies for Secure Digital Transformation


Neil MacDonald

Join Neil MacDonald from Gartner to hear his sage advice for security leaders on finding and using the right tools to secure digital transformation.

Reality Check: The
Future Is Closer Than You Think!


Leah MacMillan

We all know that with the ever-changing world that cybersecurity can be a challenge to manage. In this session, we will highlight 3 key issues facing cybersecurity leaders and set the stage to dig deeper with experts from across the industry.

Challenge #1:

The Cloud Delivers Unavoidable Acceleration of Everything


Yael Teryohin & Chris Grusz

The pandemic was an accelerant to the already rapid pace of digital transformation across organizations of every size and industry. Cloud, big data, AI and automation are key enablers of this transformation, and security is a fundamental determinant of success. Discover the opportunities for security teams to leverage this transformation to more meaningfully engage with the business and drive better business outcomes.

Challenge #2:

Cybercrime: Today and the Future


Rik Ferguson &
Erin Sindelar

Take a tour of cybercrime in 2021 and beyond. You will hear about the latest criminal techniques in use today, and where we predict new opportunities will arise for businesses and threat actors in 2030 based on changes to business, technology and society.

Challenge #3:

No Silver Bullets: Managing Risk & Compliance in a Global Economy


Cristin Flynn Goodwin &
Greg Young

Get real-world insights in the latest in risk and compliance challenges from around the world and hear examples of how they are being solved. You’ll also hear the top 3 issues we think you’ll be facing as security leaders in 2022.

Challenge Accepted:

A Cybersecurity Platform for the Modern Enterprise


Wendy Moore, Adam
Boyle & Frank Kuo

Managing complex environments is a delicate balancing act for every CISO. Discover how Trend Micro can help you to lower risk and increase security with our cybersecurity platform optimized for your diverse digital environment. Learn how we protect across the enterprise and cloud, breaking down data silos and delivering holistic visibility combined with extended detection and response (XDR) to help you see more and respond faster.

The Voice of a CISO:

Empathy, the Most Overlooked Tool in the Box



You face it every day but you’re not alone. In this session you’ll get to hear how a cybersecurity leader like you is successfully dealing some with the many challenges facing organizations today.

To illustrate how cybersecurity can be an art form, world-renowned data artists have transformed global Trend Micro security data into original works of art. That’s The Art of Cybersecurity. Learn more at